History in Pink

When a state is on its own, it forgets the purpose of a nation.

Tracey's Story It was physics my junior year of high school the first time I can remember being discriminated, although I didn't realize it until a few years later.  Our Physics teacher gave us 6 linear feat of Balsa wood for a contest where we were to build a bridge and see whose bridge in the class could hold the most weight. At the time I got this assignment I didn't know I wanted to be an engineer... (Click to read the full article)

Mary's Story Since first grade, I have been reading about women only as a single body. I have grown to admire people like Alexander Hamilton and F. Scott Fitzgerald because they had their own paragraphs, and Jane Addams and Harper Lee had to share theirs. My textbooks have always clumped women in a pile, forced them into one paragraph and to formulate the exact same message…(Click to read the full article

Connor's Story It all stems from influence—who we are is molded from our idols and the people we look up to. The world is filled with thinkers who have inspired the generations and instilled hope within the budding seeds—the youth of the planet, the cream of the crop, and all other clichés; but idols are more than just that to me(Click to read the full article

Morgan's Story Today was career day. I walked into the auditorium late and sat in the very back row. There were three people standing in the front of the room. One was a congressman. One was a judge. One was an urban planner. All of them were white. All of them were male(Click to read the full article