History in Pink

When a state is on its own, it forgets the purpose of a nation.

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Feel free to contribute in any way that you would like. You can share your story, write an essay that validates the purpose of this community, celebrate a quote or a few words of your own that define modern feminism…or even just share an article you've read that really hit home with you. Whatever you decide to do, we are all listening. 

All contributions are anonymous based on the concept that participation without credit will discourage competition. 

Message of Intent:

History in Pink wants to create a community. As a sixteen-year-old girl who is interested in and wants to be a part of feminism, I’ve noticed that a lot of powerful women comment on their struggle with female competition and the singularity of woman success. I thought that if girls my age supported one another now, then we would be more likely to do the same once we entered the “real world.” So I created historyinpink.com to do just that.
​The website is in its early phases and lacks content, but I know that stories exist in all of us that deal with this current wave of feminism. We have suffrage, we are a part of the work force, but now we want to be leaders. I’d love to hear either your whole story or a part of your story or whatever you would like to share about being a motivated and ambitious woman. How has being a girl affected the way you set goals, treat other girls, or the way you are treated by those (industries, bosses, colleagues) surrounding you? And is there anything you would like to change about that?