History in Pink

When a state is on its own, it forgets the purpose of a nation.

Connor's Story

It all stems from influence—who we are is molded from our idols and the people we look up to. The world is filled with thinkers who have inspired the generations and instilled hope within the budding seeds—the youth of the planet, the cream of the crop, and all other clichés; but idols are more than just that to me.
High school is hard. Regardless of what anyone tells you in a senseless attempt to console you and keep you from the horrors that really happen in the cold, unwelcoming, crammed corridors. Finding peace within you and within others is crucial to development. I am not one person. I am many many women. Now, I know that may sound strange and implausible, but it makes sense. All of the people that have shaped me into the strong, intelligent, and caring guy that I am have been women. There isn’t anything wrong with that either. In my mind, it’s good for a guy to decide who he looks up to and it shouldn’t matter the sex. In fact, I think we need more people in our society to have idols of the opposite sex. Children are so fearful of difference—they have been wired to act this way. As we are progressing as a species, we are becoming more and more accepting of difference, but the older generations still disapprove of such “crossing of gender lines.”
Hillary has taught me how to be intelligent and to work for what I want. Emma Thompson has taught me that intelligence is not only knowing what to say, but it’s also how you say it. Sarah Silverman taught me that it’s okay to speak your mind—your opinion matters. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler taught me to care less, but still maintain passion for everything I do. These women have made a profound effect upon my life. They are living within my mind on a daily basis—they are my conscious. This may seem silly and juvenile, but I care about them. Though I don’t personally know them, every single one of them has affected me in some way. Whenever I feel down, I know that I am able to come home, unwind, and watch Ellen Page amaze me in Juno (she never fails to amaze me even though I have seen the film a countless number of times). I can always count on Sarah for a good laugh and reassurance that, no matter the situation, life will improve and the world will continue to spin whether you choose to participate in it or not.
Hillary has brought me the most love. I like to think she cares about me as much as I care about her. People can laugh—that’s fine, but I love Hillary. She has inspired me to be as successful as I possibly can and nothing can separate you from success (not even the glass ceiling).
​​Feminism isn’t about being a girl or about being someone who loves women. Feminism is about empowerment and showing young girls that they are entitled to everything the world has to offer without compromise. The sky is the limit for everyone, no matter the sex. Hillary continues to inspire and continues to add millions of cracks to the glass ceiling.