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When a state is on its own, it forgets the purpose of a nation.

We have won our war, and must put an end to the infighting. 

Let us write our constitution.

[ a little analogy: in 1783 the united states won the revolutionary war & set up its new government under the articles of confederation. the articles let each state govern itself without anything tying the country together. and soon, the states and the country began to fall apart. our founding fathers knew things needed to change, and so they convened in philadelphia and wrote the constitution. it created a national government and a purpose that united all of the states. and once the entire country was successful, each state was able to succeed individually. ]

We are just girls in a new world. We sometimes are afraid to be feminists because there is a scary stigma to that word. We sometimes are not even capable of saying how or why women are oppressed except that we know that they are. We sometimes are not so nice to one another because it is all we know.  We are all girls. But what if we just acted as one girl. What if we redefined feminism. What if we learned how to effectively communicate society's misgivings. What if we supported each other. The only way we can do it, is together.

realize that we are all people, that we are just as capable as every other person, that independence during rule can only result from unity during suppression, and do ordain and establish this Constitution of United, Empowered, and Righteous Girls.

We the people

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Mary's Story Since first grade, I have been reading about women only as a single body. I have grown to admire people like Alexander Hamilton and F. Scott Fitzgerald because they had their own paragraphs, and Jane Addams and Harper Lee had to share theirs. My textbooks have always clumped women in a pile, forced them into one paragraph and to formulate the exact same message (Click on title to read the full article

The Feminist No. 1 A pride of lions claws up a mountain. As the lions tread further up the rock, the boulders that had built the hill tumble down. The higher the lions move, the farther they are from their foundation, and they lose sight of the moments they had spent creating their home. The mountain itself is dwindling… (Click on the title to read the full article)

Connor's Story  It all stems from influence—who we are is molded from our idols and the people we look up to. The world is filled with thinkers who have inspired the generations and instilled hope within the budding seeds—the youth of the planet, the cream of the crop, and all other clichés; but idols are more than just that to me...(Click on the title to read the full article)

Tracey's Story ​ It was physics my junior year of high school the first time I can remember being discriminated although I didn't realize it until a few years later.  Our Physics teacher gave us 6 linear feat of Balsa wood for a contest where we were to build a bridge and see whose bridge in the class could hold the most weight. At the time I got this assignment I didn't know I wanted to be an engineer… (Click on title to read the full article)

An Open Letter to Shailene Woodley A Huffington Post writer defines feminism as a movement for equality in the most eloquent and virtuous way. Check it out! #Recommendedread (Click here to read the full story on huffingtonpost.com)

​Morgan's Story Today was career day. I walked into the auditorium late and sat in the very back row. There were three people standing in the front of the room. One was a congressman. One was a judge. One was an urban planner. All of them were white. All of them were male (Click on title to read the full article)

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